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Investing in Latest Printing Technologies – Introducing Our New Laminator.

We are pleased to announce we’ve made a significant investment to enhance our products and services further, allowing us to be even more efficient by keeping a significant part of our production all under one roof.

Maracle has invested in lamination in order to more effectively serve our customers who require coating on printed products. Including gloss lamination, matte lamination and soft touch lamination. We can laminate both sides of a cover or other printed product in-house!

Laminating printed products preserves the quality of the material, and enhances its colour while improving the overall appearance of the product. A timeless investment you can’t afford to overlook if you are looking to impress with high-quality products that will stand the test of time and preservation for years to come. Now, it’s easier than ever with Maracle.

At a speed of 200 ft a minute, thin film, the thermal laminator is perfect for medium and long run lengths.

Our innovative, state of the art laminator boosts a water heated chrome laminating roller with digital temperature controls up to 120°C, a rubber counter-pressure roller, a pneumatic nip pressure up to 6 metres tonnes. The film mount allows for a quick-change inflatable air-shaft, roll slitting and perforating mechanisms and ensures the pneumatic clutch has a precise film tension.

The Heidelberg Speedmaster feed head has a rising pile, back separation, stream feeder and head processor controlled for accurate under-lap.

With the dynamically changing print industry, we pride ourselves in offering exceptional quality, dependable reliability, and competitive pricing by continuing to invest in the latest printing technologies.

There is no better time than now to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by Maracle.

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