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Maracle celebrates 100-year anniversary

Maracle will mark the company’s centennial anniversary in 2020 with an event celebrating its rich history in the Spring.

Maracle Inc. was founded in 1920, just as the Roaring Twenties began. An era defined by flappers and jazz, the decade was a time of social, economic and political change. Canada had become a founding member of the League of Nations, established the RCMP, and held the first exhibit of the Group of Seven painters. At the same time, the City of Oshawa was becoming Canada’s “Automotive Capital”.

Against this backdrop, Maracle was formed from the Canadian Watchman Press, an organization that supported secondary students and a scholarly community that traced its roots back to 1911.

Indeed, the history of Maracle Inc. is longer than that of graphic design itself. The company traces its history to before the term ‘graphic design’ was even coined. In 1922, American type and book designer William Addison Dwiggins created the term ‘graphic designer’ to describe his work, defining the role as bringing structural and visual order to print communication. Maracle continues to innovate in the world of print and communication, keeping up with the many technological changes in the printing industry.

For Maracle’s customers, this long-established history is a key selling point. Customers have shared that they select Maracle because it has an institutional set of best practices and experience that stretches back over decades. Such history and depth of understanding gives customers a true strategic business partner in Maracle and a key competitive advantage, according to President George Sittlinger.

“Maracle has been a bedrock of the printing industry in Canada. We credit our longevity and success to a focus on our customers. We aren’t just a supplier; we are a partner in the communication process. We know no two clients are the same and use our century’s worth of experience to help our customers tell their stories to their local and national marketplaces. As we celebrate this centennial anniversary, our whole team understands that our business has been built on a proud history of hard work and commitment to excellence,” says Sittlinger.

Maracle’s customers agree.

According to Sara Pulins, Manager of Marketing and Communications at the Ontario Physiotherapy Association, Maracle’s long history was a key deciding factor in their choice of print supplier. “Good, quality service is our number-one priority when choosing a print vendor. We didn’t want to use a start-up company,” says Pulins.

In the early days of print, the path into the business was to serve as an apprentice. Today, that same tradition of learning by watching a skilled craftsperson work is a philosophy that Maracle brings to its thoughtful and inclusive customer service.

Rhona Lahey, Director of Communications and Marketing, Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO), says that the Maracle team is always there to walk her through their projects from end to end. “The Maracle team has been patient, professional and always there for our team. They’ve transformed a complex, time-consuming process for CAO into a smooth publication timeline that delivers an on-time distribution of online and print publications,” says Lahey. Read the case study here.

Maracle has an enduring tradition of customized service for its clients. Today, it is a one-stop shop for any print communication need. Powered with equipment, print technology and an in-house bindery, Maracle can produce beautiful, full-colour glossy magazines, high-quality educational materials and eye-catching brochures that deliver results. Maracle prides itself on providing fair pricing, without compromising quality or service.

Since its very beginnings, Maracle has become a name synonymous with excellence in print solutions. It is a success story that is woven into the larger fabric of Oshawa and Canadian history.

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