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Spotlight: Maracle Bindery Team

Spotlight: Maracle Bindery Team

The luxurious feel of a glossy printed cover. The crisp, sturdy spine of a perfect bound document. The springy coils on a training manual that lays absolutely flat. While the Maracle bindery team may be the last stop before a print product heads out the door, the work that this team does might just top the list of services that never fail to delight Maracle’s clients.

“We are incredibly rare in the print marketplace as a company that offers a wide array of high-quality, full-service binding processes,” says Maracle’s Director of Operations, Nadene Aldred. Every Maracle print project is finished differently depending on size and client needs. Some are coil bound, an ideal format for training manuals, cookbooks, and educational materials. Annual reports and paperbacks are perfect bound, while other items like magazines and catalogues are saddle-stitched. The binding of publications is both an exacting craft and an art.

For customers, the fact that the Maracle bindery team can finish the documents onsite and get a quality product out the door with no hassle makes a huge difference. This full-service offering is often the reason clients select Maracle. Nadene received a note from a new client a few weeks ago that read, “it was so stress-free dealing with everyone.” Customers know they can count on Maracle to finish the job on time, and are impressed with the team’s tireless commitment to excellence.

The bindery crew has 10 staff on day shift and two on night shift. This small, close-knit team performs miracles every day for clients, according to Nadene. And there’s a key reason why Maracle is so effective. During her 33 years with Maracle, Nadene has worked alongside colleagues who have been with the company for decades – and they know the business, inside and out. The team’s wide experience sets Maracle apart from the competition.

No job is too small for Maracle. Some clients are authors who come to Maracle for a small, custom print run. “It could be a self-published book or a memento for family members – whatever they need printed.” Other clients are large multinationals who rely on Maracle for high-stakes, just-in-time printing where every minute counts. “Our corporate customers understand that a quality printed piece can absolutely drive sales, customer retention and brand loyalty in today’s competitive marketplace.”

In the spirit of constant improvement, Maracle has increased its capacity to produce at a scale that even the teams themselves wouldn’t have been able to imagine several years ago. Nadene shares an example of a client for whom Maracle produces a unique high-volume coil bound product, in an extremely tight time frame. The team has increased production four-fold, shipping hundreds of thousands of units annually. Nadene notes that this program could increase further and she is incredibly confident in their ability to grow. “We increased our capacity with a single shift dramatically. I know we can handle more because we are ‘all hands on deck’ when it comes to providing on-time service, every time!”

As Nadene puts it, “every client and every day is different; that’s what makes Maracle a great place to work. Our customers know they can trust us to get it right no matter what. That’s the Maracle Experience.”

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