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How to Connect with Your Audience and Elevate Your Brand

In today’s fast-paced, multimedia-based world it’s more imperative than ever for companies and associations to get their message out and connect with their audience as quickly, effectively and efficiently as possible. So when you only have seconds to make a lasting impression, how do you make the most of them?

The first key to connecting with your audience is to understand that printing is more than just paper and ink. It’s an opportunity to elevate and build upon your company’s brand – and it’s an opportunity to reinforce your messaging and show your audience who you are.

5 Ways to Get the Most Attention with Your Printed Brand

Work with a Trusted Printer
A successful print campaign begins with your printer – and while it may seem like an obvious statement, not all printers are created equal! When choosing a printer, you need to look for one that has a long-standing, proven track record of understanding what customers actually need published – and how to bring their vision to life – on time and on budget. Choose a printer that is not only passionate about print, but even moreso about connecting its customers with what they need to succeed.

Create Professional and Consistent Design/Content
If you’re looking to create brand recognition within your market, you need to ensure your logo and design is consistent across all your messaging, whether it’s produced digitally or in print – they reflect who you are as an organization. Choose your words, colour palette, fonts and images wisely – and make sure everything is spelled correctly! Creating and enforcing a company style and messaging guide is a great start to ensuring a consistent brand experience.

Choose Effective Visuals
The cliché that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been more true than in today’s multimedia and social media-driven world. Nothing engages a reader’s attention better than a well-chosen image! Work with your printer to bring your digital images to life and get your message out – while at the same time reinforcing your company’s corporate identity – then publish those images across all platforms to inspire brand recognition.

Maximize Your Print Investment
The use of print in your communication strategy can be a powerful and distinctive way to connect with your audience. When done right, print’s element of touch can enhance awareness, memory, loyalty, trust – and wallet-share. A beautifully-designed print piece has the power to extend brand awareness because of its longevity. It can also be used to drive your audience to digital platforms and content – like websites, blogs, and social media – to maximize your investment.

Explore All Your Print Options
Many organizations get stuck in a rut, producing the same print materials over and over because that’s how they’ve always done things. But thanks to advances in the print industry, today’s print providers can offer more choice than ever for long-run, sheetfed and offset printing – to short-run, customizable digital and print-on-demand solutions. Bindery choices, coatings, laminations and die-cutting options put the finishing touches on your brand of print. Consider producing a magazine for your valued members or clients, a personalized postcard to promote a new product or service, or a branded journal to welcome a new customer.

Have Your Say

How does your organization make the most of its brand? What challenges have you faced with your printed materials? What has been your most effective messaging strategy when it comes to print? Please share and leave a comment.

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