Last summer, paper manufacturers began raising their prices by 10% – 20% on all grades and finishes of paper including newsprint, coated and uncoated freesheet and groundwood.

Since we have not seen the prices increase in the past many years, and even saw prices bottomed out in mid-2017, it didn’t come as a surprise.

High-quality paper has been in such short supply that some printing houses were unable to maintain their usual stock and have had issues keeping up with their demand.

Some U.S. mills even stopped taking orders for papers to clear their backlog. And others were quoting higher lead times to existing customers and capping how much they could buy.

If you needed additional paper or don’t already have a regular supplier, you might have been out of luck. Thankfully at Maracle we have incredible relationships with our paper suppliers and were able to ensure that the supply of our house stocks never became a problem for our clients.

What will see in 2019?

While we do anticipate that the volatility in the paper supply market will ease in the first part of this year, we also know that the demand and return to printed products is on the increase and the custom and personalized print market is showing no signs of slowing down.

The indication of companies wanting to print things their way is creating and providing solutions that will make this custom market possible and more accessible. With faster, higher quality, and more affordable digital printing technology – customization is here to stay.

We at Maracle are committed to keeping our clients informed about the changes in the economic environment that may impact your marketing, publishing and advertising.

We are also committed to our technology platforms and staff education so that we can do everything possible to keep our printing costs as competitive as possible and our customers informed.

We wish a wonderful January and a prosperous 2019!

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