Launching an open research publication for healthcare professionals

Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) Turns to Maracle Inc. for Full-Service Publishing Services

Member Association Communications/Scholarly Research Publishing/Health Promotions

“The overhaul and relaunch of our new open, quarterly research publication The Canadian Journal of Optometry was a complex process of migrating from a legacy print delivery process and limited online presence to a new open, dynamic publication delivery enabled by an implementation of the University of Waterloo’s Open Journal System (OJS). The goal was to give our members and other healthcare providers enhanced access to best practices, case studies, critical medical information and health promotion materials. Maracle’s team was with us every step of the way and proved themselves willing to solve every challenge, all while embracing the ambitious scope of the project. Maracle delivered stellar results for CAO, increasing the impact and quality of our journal. I would recommend Maracle Inc. to other organizations in a heartbeat.”

~ Rhona Lahey, Director of Communications and Marketing/Directrice des communications et marketing, Canadian Association of Optometrists/L’Association canadienne des optométristes

The Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) is dedicated to collaboratively advancing the highest standard of primary eye care across Canada through member advocacy and health promotion campaigns. One of the key ways the CAO supports its members and engages in high-impact health promotion across Canada is through its influential journal The Canadian Journal of Optometry. Looking to increase the reach and impact of its journal, the CAO leadership team moved from a legacy solution focused primarily on print delivery, to the University of Waterloo’s Open Journal System (OJS) and Maracle print delivery solutions. Maracle led the integration effort with the OJS system, overhauled the print design and layout, and managed the on-time, seamless delivery of the journal to its membership.

In the past, the quarterly publishing cycle of the CAO journal was a complex endeavor managed by a CAO lead editor and a small internal team who organized the publication process by spreadsheets. Managing submissions, multiple contributors and sponsor advertisements was a time-consuming and heavily manual set of processes for the CAO team. Access to the journal was limited, with distribution and availability focused on CAO membership. The CAO team wanted to increase the reach and influence of their journal while allowing its members to stay current with the latest in optometric clinical research. Maracle has been CAO’s publishing services firm since 2016. In 2018, at CAO’s request, Maracle integrated its processes with the University of Waterloo’s (UofW) Open Journal System (OJS) which transformed the publication into a more accessible resource for readers in Canada and around the world.

The Maracle team not only led the integration efforts with the UofW OJS system but transformed the look and feel of the online version of the journal simulating the print experience for online and mobile readers. Maracle also effectively manages the distributed teams that drive the journal’s ad bookings. The Maracle team was flexible, supportive and willing to take on all aspects of the publication process making it easier and less time consuming for the CAO team. “We have received many compliments about the print and online versions of the journal, how clearly laid out it is, and how accessible it is for our members,” said Rhona Lahey, Director of Communications and Marketing, CAO.

Because of Maracle’s trail-blazing work to help integrate the UofW OJS system with its own, the CAO team will be able to track citations of the journal’s content thereby enabling CAO to determine the impact it is having on healthcare professionals. “The Maracle team has been patient, professional and always there for our team. They’ve transformed a complex, time-consuming process for CAO into a smooth publication timeline that delivers an on-time distribution of online and print publications that are well-received and praised by an ever-increasing community of members and other readers. The Maracle team is a partner in every sense of the word and is always there for us when we need them,” said Lahey.

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